Shopping in Saint-Tropez

A must-see fashion spot, Saint-Tropez is the leading destination for serial shoppers! On the program: luxury boutiques, designer workshops, art galleries and a myriad of accessory stores…

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Saint-Tropez has had a special relationship with fashion. In 1919, Claire Vachon settled there and her daughter Manine developed, in the 1950s, collections imbued with sunshine and Mediterranean spirit that enchanted the new wave. This simple and elegant fashion, like the gingham dress, found its muse in the person of Brigitte Bardot. In the 1960s, new designers settled in the port like Albert and Vicky Remy who founded the house “Choses”. Since then, the love affair between the city and fashion continues to the rhythm of fashion shows, shootings and advertisements organized by prestigious brands. If you want to adorn yourself with the glamorous elegance of Saint-Tropez, go shopping at Place de la Garonne, Rue Gambetta, Rue Allard, on the quays of the port or at the Ponche. You will find luxury brands (Vuitton, Dior, Hermès…) as well as the workshops of new trendy designers. You can also discover jewelry, leather goods and accessories boutiques that allow you to cultivate, down to the smallest detail, the fashion spirit of Saint-Tropez. You will also notice that the image of the flagship city of the Gulf, between party, carefree, luxury and glitter, is not at all overused!

The port of Saint-Tropez

For a long time the economic center of the village, the harbor is now reserved for yachting. It is an unavoidable place to stroll around to admire the superb yachts but also to appreciate the numerous nautical events that take place there.

Historically turned towards the sea, Saint-Tropez has always been and still is a “Daughter of the Sea”. A few minutes away from the hotel, the port bears witness to this maritime past. Although it is now exclusively reserved for pleasure boating, it was for a long time dedicated to fishing and coastal shipping along the Provencal and Ligurian coasts. The economic heart of the city, the port had, at the end of the 18th century, the third largest fleet on the southern French coast. It also gave rise to numerous vocations, as more than 300 sailors obtained their master’s certificate at the city’s hydrographic school. Among them, Léon Ignace Gardanne distinguished himself by completing, in 1903, a crossing between England and Chile in 56 days, a true record for the time.

Today, the port of Saint-Tropez is still in the heart of the village. A major stopover in the Mediterranean, with 734 moorings spread over two basins, the port offers walkers the impressive spectacle of the dream yachts that are moored there. It is also the venue for numerous nautical events such as the Giraglia, a three-day regatta, the Voiles de Saint-Tropez, which takes place over a week between the end of September and the beginning of October, or the Trophée du Bailli de Suffren, a race-cruise that pays tribute to the vice-admiral of the Royal Navy under Louis XVI. Another event celebrates the memory of navigation in the Mediterranean: the Voiles Latines. They bring together Italians, Sardinians, Corsicans, Spaniards from the Balearic Islands, Tunisians and Provençals around the traditional boats of the Mare Nostrum: pointus, feluccas and yawls.

History of Saint-Tropez

It goes back to the highest antiquity but its prosperity really begins only at the end of the 15th century. Impressed by the beauty of the place, Maupassant and Signac contributed to its fame which was confirmed and internationalized in the 1950s.

During your stay in our hotel on the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, you will have plenty of time to discover the history of Saint-Tropez. This history begins in… Pisa, at least for the origin of its name. It is indeed in this city that Caius Silvius Torpetius, steward of Nero’s palace, was put to death by the Emperor because of his conversion to the Christian faith. Legend has it that his body was then placed in a boat, along with a rooster and a dog, and that the winds carried this strange boat to the shores of the gulf first called San Torpes and then Saint-Tropez. But long before this mythical event, the site of Saint-Tropez had been appreciated by the Etruscans, the Greeks and the Romans, who had established trading posts there.

At the end of the 15th century, after the arrival of several Genoese families, the city became more and more prosperous. At the end of the 19th century, a new golden age began when artists such as Guy de Maupassant and Paul Signac discovered the luminosity and beauty of the place. Saint-Tropez then became a fashionable destination and its fame went beyond national borders when Roger Vadim shot “Et Dieu… créa la femme” (And God… created women) in 1956 with an actress forever associated with the history of the town: Brigitte Bardot. The seaside resort then became an unavoidable resort for celebrities from all over the world and for tourists who dream of meeting them.

Beautiful by day, Saint-Tropez loses none of its charm when the sun goes down. To take advantage of the mildness of the night, the resort offers you an incredible range of night-time pleasures: café terraces, musical bars, discotheques, festivities…

Lively and sunny during the day, Saint-Tropez takes on new festive colors at nightfall. To spend an unforgettable evening with family or friends, start by choosing your restaurant. Between traditional Provencal cuisine and world cuisine, choose the flavor that appeals to you. Then, why not continue your evening around a good cocktail. Here again, you can choose between a quiet, friendly and elegant atmosphere or the more rhythmic atmosphere of a musical bar. Finally, if you feel like dancing until the end of the night, you will inevitably find the discotheque of your dreams. But beware, some clubs are so popular that it’s best to reserve a spot in advance!

Another way to spend a pleasant evening is to attend a show while enjoying an excellent meal. Around the gulf, a few minutes from our hotel, several cabarets offer this possibility, in Saint-Tropez but also in Ramatuelle. In Cavalaire-sur-Mer, the cabaret occupies the second floor of the Casino du Golfe and invites you to extend your evening around the slot machines or a table of English roulette, blackjack, stud-poker or Texas hold’em poker. To try your luck at gambling, you can also go to Sainte-Maxime where the Casino Barrière welcomes you on the beach.